The House That Never Dies II: The Number One Asian Haunted Mansion Returns with TWR VFX

Jul 11 2017

The House That Never Dies II hits the theaters this July, providing the chill down of your spine in the hot summer days. The first film ended its theatrical release with a box office of $400 million RMB, the sequel returns with promising potential.

Produced by Gordon Chan, directed by Joe Chien, and written by Jun Cai, The House That Never Dies II is based on a true story about a hundred-year old mansion in the capitol, combining strange ancient folk lore such as the “revenge of the infant spirit” and “summoning ritual with rooster”, enriching the film with ethnic Chinese mysteries.  The film’s wonderful casts includes Julian Cheung, Vivian Wu, Gillian Chung, and Mei Ting.

TWR is proud to announce to be responsible of the VFX and stereo 3D production for this thrill of the year. For the VFX, TWR provides complete service starting from preproduction design, to onset supervision, then onto post production and color grading, and etc. As for the stereo 3D, TWR ensures the quality with our proprietary software to produce realistic and smooth stereo 3D experience.

During the VFX production, our team begins with building the eerie atmosphere surrounding the mansion with various departments handling different aspects, including 3D modeling, animation, VFX, lighting, compositing, and etc. The film requires the team to create moving vines, so the team spent a lot of time researching different breeds of vines in the world. It is to understand how they grow and how they would be looked like, then combines the knowledge to create the vines of evil for the film with CGI.

For the stereo 3D production, because the mansion is built about 100 years ago, it is important to present the historical atmosphere after the conversion. Therefore, the production team learned as much as they can about buildings of that time period, to best recreate the stereo 3D of the original building, especially the wide shots for the sense of space where the mansion is placed.

The dungeon where the film’s climax takes place is where the TWR stereo 3D team spent the most effort. While shooting, the director used a lot of elements of vines, debris pieces, smoke, etc., to enhance the visual aesthetic. However, the stereo 3D emphasizes on the layers of objects within the shot and assigns spatial depth to create the sense of space. Therefore, the more objects within the shot, the more effort it will take.

The House That Never Dies II, not only is an iconic film within Chinese horror film genre, but also is the first film for TWR to produce from beginning to end. TWR provides preproduction designs all the way to film delivery, which is not often seen in other companies. TWR does not only focus on providing quality, but also dedicates to advance through self-limits and always aiming for higher goals. The House That Never Dies II should be the horror films’ leading standard, following the success of the previous one, the golden cast, and the TWR’s top quality production.

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