Drama Series with Stunning Beauty, Love and Destiny, Streaming Today on Iqiyi Today!

Jul 16 2019

A TWR project, Love and Destiny has finally announced the release date!

With stunning cast and wonderous production team, the popularity has not receded since the release of the first sneak preview a few months ago!


Starting July 15th, Love and Destiny will be available on Iqiyi

Two new episodes every weekday 8pm


When the official marketing announced the show release information, the official Weibo of Love and Destiny also released the poster, “Auspicious Time of Dawn and Dusk”. The poster presents the best that time and age could offer. Within the elegance and grace, Jiu Chen and Ling Xi rests atop the roof of an ancient palace with their eyes closed, surrounded by white blossoms of purity, the poster displays the utmost beauty.



Two years ago, when Director Lin Yufen presented Eternal Love, heated debate can be seen or heard in conversations inside or outside of the internet. Fast forward to today, Director Lin and the original creators of Eternal Love has united once again with new A-list members, including award-winning costume supervisor William Chang, music supervisor Tan Xuan, vice costume supervisor Zhang Shijie, art supervisor Tony Au, lastly and most importantly, the VFX supervisor overseeing the entire production is the TWR CEO, Dr. Charles Lee, PhD.



The creative team kept their original goal in mind, which is to create an enriching cultural content with Chinese tradition, values, and beauty. Love and Destiny is the crystallization of the creative team’s will and prospect.




Love and Destiny is not only the spiritual sequel to Eternal Love, it also stresses more on the theme of promise and commitment. The story unravels as Jiu Chen (starring Chang Chan), the god of war and protector of the six realms, forms an undying relationship with Ling Xi (starring Ni Ni), a young goddess from the forest of peach blossom. Both stars are equipped with awe-inspiring beauty, and the acting ability to match their attractiveness. They have been the hottest topic since the announcement of the show’s production.


Skilled A-list Film Actor, Chang Chan, Plays the God of War, Protector of Mortals



One of the “Four Dan Actresses”, Ni Ni to Challenge Yet Another Epic as the Young Goddess Ling Xi



God of War, Jiu Chen, has been in a slumber for thousands of years after sealing away the God of Demons. The God of War awakens from his long slumber due to the young goddess Ling Xi stumbling into his chamber. The two of them grows closer as time passes, however, there is darkness within Ling Xi, unbeknown to her, that happens to be the key to the revival of the Demon God. Jiu Chen, unwilling to end the life of an innocent girl, chooses to save Ling Xi despite all other gods asking for her death. Through difficult ordeal, Ling Xi rids the darkness within her, grew from an innocent girl to a queen leading a force against evil. Just when Jiu Chen and Ling Xi is about to enjoy the hard-fought peace, the God of Demons breaks free and wreaks havoc to everything that is life. As the protector of six realms, Jiu Chen reclaims his title as the God of War, sacrifices himself to rid the God of Demons once and for all. The everlasting love eventually turns into tragedy in the name of true love.


Love for the Mortals, Trailer Leaves Views with High Expectations!



Love and Destiny has gone through a tightly packed year of production period with preproduction, filming, and post production. Finally, not breaking the promise to the fans awaiting, the show is released on schedule. Following the popularity of preceding show, Eternal Love, the official Weibo account of Love and Destiny is keeping a low profile despite the heated discussion of the show on the internet. Since the reveal of the first preview poster and the special interview with the creative team on April 9th, finally Love and Destiny gets to unveil its own mystery, ready to pleasantly surprise the fans all over the globe.



Official Weibo Further Surprises Fans Everywhere with Enchanting Photographs of the Production.




Look at this stunning set, one can only watch in awe under the creative team’s ability for production! Doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Chang Chan or Ni Ni, as you feel the unwavering love between them, don’t forget to savor the best of the visual treats that TWR has to offer!




This new poster is designed with simplicity, refreshing to the eye. It is by the hand of top graphic designer, Huang Hai, called “Moon Fall Lovers”. The playfulness between the two characters will bring a smile to anyone.



The creative master minds behind Love and Destiny has designed this TV drama series to reach the same quality as a feature film. Lead by the TWR CEO, Dr. Charles Lee, TWR staff has joined the production as early as art design during preproduction, supervising VFX production while onset, and also the post production. The production time totals to about a year, ending with spectacular visual effects. May it be Jiu Chen and Ni Ni flying across the ocean of cloud, or the Demon God breaking through his imprisonment, TWR brings only the top of the line visual effects, to best display the potential of the story. A good story, as long as the quality is ensured, will always be worshipped by the audience. As Love and Destiny says once, “If the flower meets not the leaves, relationship will be owed; one cannot hate as the flower begone, the only wish is your company.” Now, let us all jump into the Eastern mythology, witness the love of the gods of Love and Destiny.


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