TWR Passes the CDSA Certification, One Step Closer to Hollywood

Sep 13 2016

TWR Entertainment Co. Ltd. (Taiwan stock code: 8492) is now officially the first Asia VFX production company to pass the Content Protection & Security Program (CPS Program) of the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA). We now provide the same information security as the leading VFX companies from Hollywood.

CDSA is a non-profit organization that formed by the biggest content companies in the world, including Microsoft, Disney, Adobe, Paramount, and etc. It is extremely influential for digital content management, authorization, and information security.

The CPS Program is an international standard set by the CDSA, with strict and comprehensive protection for intellectual properties. The program assesses risk, safety of digital and physical properties, assessment and education of employees, and provides a standard of operation for systematic management. The certificate is only given to those who has been fully assessed and approved by the CDSA staff.

Passing the CPS Program means the recognition from the industry, and has been the standard of safety for MPAA, since it is used by companies such as Sony DADC, Deluxe Entertainment, Premier, and etc.

With the experience of producing and protecting the content of over 40 films in the past few years, TWR successfully becomes the first CDSA approved VFX provider in Asaia, as well as one of the few that is able to provide a complete production pipeline from preproduction to postproduction.

Upon obtaining the CDSA approval, TWR CEO Dr. Charles Lee, says, “With the hard work from all TWR employees, we have passed the CDSA examination today. This is the official certification approved by all the major Hollywood studios. Since the merge of CDSA and MPAA, it means we also have more than just a certification. We are the first company in the Asia to pass for the approval, but this is just the first step, and the most importantly, we are taking toward Hollywood.”

Within a month of time, TWR establishes a standard of regulations including 7 chapters, 15 sub-chapters, and nearly 300 rules of conduct. We created these careful and strict regulation for only one purpose: to establish trusts with all of our clients by providing absolute content security.

TWR will continue to provide the utmost professional service and bring Hollywood level satisfaction to all of our clients.


TWR Media Contact: Acting Spokesperson, Susan Su



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