TWR Nominated for the 53rd Golden Horse Best VFX Award: The Tag-Along

Oct 10 2016

Congratulations on The Tag-Along, the TWR VFX production, has been nominated for the 2016 Gold Horse Best VFX award!

The Tag-Along is one of TWR’s most prized VFX productions in 2015. TWR team begins from set and character design, to VFX production, and till the post production; finally, TWR proudly presents the horror film that Chinese market has never seen before. The Tag-Along even breaks the box office record for the horror genre held by Silk for ten years!

The Tag-Along is based on the Taiwanese folk tale of Mo-shin-a, a fairy-goblin type of spirit that would take forms of a little girl in a red dress to trick humans that stumbles into their territory.

This is the first time to base a horror film with a demonic spirit, unlike the usual ghosts that haunt the living. Therefore, TWR and the main production team worked closely together to best manifest the director’s vision. Throughout the production, TWR utilized the best resources available, including particle simulation, cloth simulation, motion-capture, etc., and brings the Taiwan legend to life.

TWR CEO Dr. Charles Lee, says, “The production of a film is a very complicated process, involving a lot of people. First, the production team has to be willing to try for bold and daring new ideas, and different departments must fully respect each other, with communication and understanding, then we will have true cooperation on the actual production. I have learned something valuable from The Tag-Along production; you must respect all departments and let the professional do their job. It may be a simple idea, but it’s something I see common from all the successful projects.”

TWR production team has worked closely together with The Tag-Along film production from the beginning to end, with mutual respect and understanding, was it possible to bring this film to fruition.

Congratulations for The Tag-Along to be nominated for Golden Horse Best VFX award again! We hope to work with Director Wei-hao Cheng soon in the near future!


Tag-Along VFX Breakdown



2016 Golden Horse Nominee


TWR Media Contact: Acting Spokesperson, Susan Su



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