The Triumph of Gu

Apr 28 2014

"Gu", the latest animated short films of TWR Animation Studio, has stormed entire Asia and has won one of the leading award in China: the Golden Monkey Award.

Golden Monkey Award, named by one of the most known characters in traditional fictions, is currently the biggest and the most expected animation award in China. "Gu" , presenting a deep love story happened in south east China, had attracted jury and won "Award of Best Animated Short Film"

A new milestone of Taiwanese Film Industry

Jan 29 2014

For a long time, Taiwanese Film industry is described as "Insufficient tech supports" or "Lack of research ability and devotion". TWR, Inc. seeks to break this stereotype.

Today, we made our first milestone: Our work, "MAYDAY: NOWHERE", won the "Creative Art Award: Best Live Event" of International 3D Society. This event not only represents a breakthrough of Taiwanese Film Industry, but also proves TWR, Inc's incredible results of research is as good as its potential competitors.

Mayday's "Noah's Ark 3D"

Dec 28 2012

TWR is responsible for the Stereoscopic 3D Production for the "King of Concert", Mayday's 2nd stereoscopic 3D movie "Noah's Ark 3D"! The movie will be shot in 3D with the latest 3D technology, combined with TWR's leading 3D post-production workflow to create visually stunning 3D effects.

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