TWR Entertainment, Inc. is a globally-focused, Asia-based media organization that successfully blends world class creativity and groundbreaking technology innovation. Founded by Dr. Charles Lee, a PhD. with degrees from Cambridge University and USC, TWR has rapidly grown into a leading Stereoscopic R&D lab and 3D conversion studio, and a bold artistic force within CGI animation.

In addition to Dr. Lee, TWR's senior management includes young industry veterans who also bring wide international experience, training, and educations to the company. Their prior alliances include leading Silicon Valley IT firms, as well as global film and new media giants Pixar, WETA Digital, and Electronic Arts. TWR's US-based international initiatives are directed by longtime Hollywood executives previously affiliated with Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, and leading 3D, VFX, and animation studios. TWR's studios in Taiwan and China, now approaching 200 skilled professionals, and rapidly growing, include many artists and technologists who come from other leading studios in Taiwan and throughout Asia.

TWR is an affiliated company of The Arima Group, a multibillion dollar amalgam of 15 international IT and communications companies founded and guided by the Lee family. From its headquarters in Taipei, TWR's business focus, studios, and operations have now additionally expanded into China and North America.

TWR's parallel business strategies, relative both to stereoscopic 3D, CGI animation and VFX production, are to produce visually dazzling content for its clients, and for TWR's own content, as well as to develop proprietary software, tools, and methodologies which achieve the idealized goals of "better, faster, cheaper."

In the first instance, TWR's 3D work has been completed for leading client companies in Taiwan, China, and the US. TWR 3D technology had been used in over 15 film projects during 3 year-period and new assignments are ongoing. TWR's animation teams are in production on a new of TWR's proprietary CGI movie project, which expected to be released on late 2015, and it is currently working on international 4D ride projects too. Due to continuously expansion, TWR has become one of the major player in film industry in Asia-Pacific region.

On the technology R&D front, TWR has, among other initiatives, developed successful new software for perfecting the creation of CGI hair, and it has created new artist-driven 3D conversion tools which greatly simplify and speed-up labor intensive 3D pipelines. The company is presently deploying these advanced technologies on its internal projects, and it is exploring business opportunities relative to commercializing its proprietary technologies on a global scale.


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